Lifestyle and pre-sue reports

We provide a UK-wide coverage and our investigators are well experienced with adaptable interviewing techniques to the differing circumstances of each enquiry.

You will find that the information provided in our reports enables you to make the decision as to whether or not you should proceed against the debtor via the courts or by other means.

Our report will:

  • Confirm if the subject is still resident at the address
  • Give a description and a basic valuation of the property
  • Appraise the apparent lifestyle and where possible provide financial status information regarding employment or business activities
  • Contain information both from databases such as county court judgements and the electoral register but also, more importantly, via direct enquiries
  • Provide additional information that we feel would be of assistance to you.

Please note, access to certain database information is strictly controlled by the Data Protection Registrar and it is necessary to fully comply with the legal requirements.

To instruct Status Enquiry on your next lifestyle and pre-sue report, contact us.

lifestyle and pre-sue reports